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-- I've been brought up, struck down and left for dead. Started with nothing and been brought back to nothing. Not here to cause trouble, just wanna take my life back. If I make friends along the way that's fine, if I make enemies too then so be it. --


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                                                                 We are not born [MONSTERS].
                                                                 We are born humans;
                                                                 and we are made into monsters.


it’d also be pretty rad if a hot guy lived upstairs & maybe he was in a band & after a long night of practice he’d come out onto the fire escape for a cigarette while you’re out there looking up at the stars & reading a mystery novel & it goes on like this for a while, just sharing a few glances & head nods & then returning to your apartment but maybe one day he walks down the stairs & sits on one of steps & asks you what book you’re reading & it all kind of flourishes from there. you’re welcome. 

Title: I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Artist: Vitamin String Quartet
Album: Strung out on Panic! At the Disco: A String Quartet Tribute
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Sentence startes! (injured & abused edition)


-“Oh, finaly you are awake! We found you in a horrid state…”

-“You are not supposed to move. Lay still!”

-“I hope you learned your lesson.”

-“Who did this atrocity to you?!”

-“Don’t you dare to tell anyone.”

-“No one will hear you here.”

-“Stop screaming!”

-“Please, wake up…”

-“Does it hurt if I touch?”

-“We should find you a doctor.”

-“How many fingers can you see?”

-“It’s time to teach you a lesson.”

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Kenzi & Bo in every episode:
→ 1x02 - Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae

Title: Miss Jackson (feat. Lolo)
Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Album: Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!
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miss jackson (feat. lolo) - panic! at the disco

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; send me a six word story describing my muse.

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u know.. idk how to draw people soo..asdasdsdas

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     Cat cleared her throat as her five-foot-nine frame stood straight, the woman’s abrasive disposition slipping away for the moment and replaced with composure and grace. She portrayed the part of royalty, which was quite ironic considering she had always been referred to as the lower-class rat from the Rukongai by said dignitaries. At least, that had been her experience while at the academy, a place where social classes would collide.

     Granted she did not know too much about the young woman she was to be impersonating, but the bits and pieces she had seen of Asuna —she did not like to lose.


     Don’t fuck with the noble—” 

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     "So that’s how it’s gonna be—" the woman said before lips would break into a broad grin. Cat took hold of Mashiro’s shoulders and began to nuzzle flower speckled form against her, and soon the white powder was everywhere.

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You + me, movie at 7 tonight~





"What kind of movie did you want to watch? I’m up for anything, really."

     There’s this movie, Tammy, that just came out. It’s a comedy.”