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{Inde. Bleach OC }
I've been brought up, struck down and left for dead. Started with nothing and been brought back to nothing. Not here to cause trouble, just wanna take my life back. If I make friends along the way that's fine, if I make enemies too then so be it. --

{Tracking: renascentiamortem}




                                             my [ mask ] is growing heavy

                      but i’ve forgotten who’s beneath


I want to strip you naked

                    throw you onto my bed


fuck you until you leave s c r a t c h e s on my back,

                              and the sheets are soaked.




Don’t ever back me into a corner expecting me to break.

                           I do not go gentle.

             I will take every single tear I shed on your behalf and use it as ammo in the war that you started.

                               I will fight until I can’t fight anymore and I will win.

Because while I might seem fragile to you

                  { I have won more battles than you could imagine }

        and I am stronger than any warrior this planet could muster up.

                                                        You bite me and I will bite back.

           The trick is ——

                                         —— my teeth are [ s h a r p e r  ] than yours.