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{Inde. Bleach OC }
I've been brought up, struck down and left for dead. Started with nothing and been brought back to nothing. Not here to cause trouble, just wanna take my life back. If I make friends along the way that's fine, if I make enemies too then so be it. --

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Lays on top of Cris because she's tired and ridiculously bored.



Arms wrapped about the familiar feminine figure, and he gave a small smile. A kiss was soon placed on top of her head. “Something the matter babe?” He asked looking down at her.

She would rest her forehead against his collarbone, a small sigh left parted lips, “Nah,” she muttered, enjoying the warmth he provided, “Just tried.”






      Cat watched as he healed himself. When he sat up, she stood from her crouch on the ground, dusting herself off lightly. The Visored held her zanpakuto with one hand and rested the other on her hip.

     "Alright, chief, now that I don’t have drag your ass outta here, let’s get movin’."

"Aye, gotta find my things first." He stands, his legs still shaky, but managed not to fall over.

"Where are we anyways? And how did you get here?" 

     "A wearhouse a few miles from town. It closed about thirty years ago." She said, finding the man’s goggles and tossing them to him.

     "As to how I got here, noticed you weren’t around for a couple days so I followed your spiritual energy t’a check up on ya and wound up here. —Y’looked like crap, by the way."



and I’ll generate a number from 1 to 45 to determine where your muse has kissed mine and how my muse reacts!

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     Colors quietly by herself while she waits for her mother to return.

[MSG]: Did you have fun with you-know-who last night?
[MSG]: I guess my company doesn't interest you any more.
[MSG]: What do you see in that guy/girl?
[MSG]: (S)he's kind of hot... you think?
[MSG]: Is he bigger than me?
[MSG]: When's the wedding?
[MSG]: I heard you and ___ are an item.
[MSG]: Is there... someone else?
[MSG]: I never agreed to an open relationship!
[MSG]: Does she do that thing that I do for you?
[MSG]: I see you'll flirt with just about anyone.
[MSG]: I'm a fool for thinking I was special to you.
[MSG]: How serious is it between you two?
[MSG]: You've been spending a lot of time with ___ recently.
[MSG]: So you tell all girls/guys that, I see.
[MSG]: So that's your type, huh?
[MSG]: Who's better in bed, me or him/her?
[MSG]: I can't bear to see you with someone else.
[MSG]: You're just a slut.
[MSG]: Just curious... not like I'm jealous or anything...
How'd you get this?

Send me “How’d you get this?” For my muses reaction to yours tracing one of their scars and asking how they got it.

     Blue hues slid down to the fingers tracing the scar on her shoulder, and ears perked at the question. Cat gave the smallest of sighs before answering.


     "Well, a hundred something years ago —back when I was living in the Rukongai, I stole from a food stand, and the owner caught me. While I trying to get away, he grabbed a knife and stabbed my arm." Cat emphasized the action by tapping a closed fist against the woman’s shoulder, "—That blade was dull and rusty as Hell and hurt like a bitch, but I kept going. I gathered what I could then headed off running. I didn’t even stop to pull the knife outta my shoulder."

"Where were you?"



     Only a few steps into the apartment and she was already being asked questions. Not surprising considering she had been out all day and a bulk of the day before, the surprising thing was the source of said question.

     Cat made her way into the kitchen, dropping a pair of wraps into the sink frayed and bloody. Her hollow mask clattered onto the counter from being haphazardly thrown, only to disappear moments later. 

     "I could ask you the same thing, baby doll," she said in a half-hearted quip, a mirthless smile taking the length of her lips. 


     "I was out, blowing off a little steam." Slender digits ran through greasy raven locks, "I need a shower…" She exhaled, moving around the counter and to the bathroom. Cat would stop when near the teen, a hand gently took her arm as a small smile quirked the corner of her lips  —this one more genuine than the last.

     "—Welcome back, Retsu."



Normally the teen would be used to the callous demeanor of her guardian, but it seems it truly has been too long since they have been under the same roof for more than a brief visit. Several weeks, in fact. Recently, Retsu has been using the place mostly just for somewhere to sleep—coming late in the night and leaving before daybreak—hardly seeing Cat at all. So now, the woman’s seemingly harmless quip has the teenager glaring hotly. Truly she knows that she has no room to be interrogating the other’s whereabouts, seeings as she has disappeared more times than she cares to count with little to no word as to where or why she left.

The welcome is met merely with an agitated grunt. It somehow feels less than welcoming to the teen, and leaves a knot in her stomach. What she feels is anger, but more than that, it is guilt. Cat has been nothing but patient and accepting of her from the beginning. And what has been in return? Absent, for the most part. Only coming back to nag the woman for having habits no worse than her own.

Perhaps she should just run again. It would probably be easier at this point to finally go their separate ways than continue to try to rekindle their relationship time after time again following longer and more frequent absences. Perhaps it would be best from both of them to go back to how they used to be. Alone.


…—But none of this is said, of course. No matter what she may think is best, the simple fact of the matter is, Retsu doesn’t want to be alone. And she is just selfish enough to hold on to that desire, regardless of her delusional thinking.


     "I’ll cook dinner when I’m out," she said unfazed by the hostile and clearly agitated responses that came from the teen. Cat would peel off the jacket she wore and throw it onto the couch, a pack of cigarettes poked out of one pocket. Its seal was worn by hesitant fingers, but remained unbroken. The woman walked into the bathroom, the door clicked shut behind her.

     Why was she so patient with the teen? Easy. Cat saw herself in Retsu. The woman could see the similarities in both their situations, the only difference was that she was simply further along. She had been in the game for years beyond the teen’s lifetime and Cat liked to think she at least learned a few things from it.

     Perhaps the two’s dynamic was a bit different than most families, but she tried to make it work; it was her job as her surrogate mother to do so. Cat loved Retsu as if she were her own, and she was going to do all she could to emulate the guardian  the teen deserved.

     Cat would emurge from the bathroom half-an-hour later, garbbed in shorts, a t-shirt and her favorite silk robe. Damp raven locks were pulled back and twisted into a bun.

     "Alright, what do y’want me to make?"


I might seem kind and gentle                                                                                                                      on the outside    

but cross me
              and there will be hell to pay. 


     "Y’can only have either a drinking problem or a smoking problem. Not both, it’s too expensive to have both. That’s why I quit.”